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©Global Workplace Bullying Awareness Week - Survey

Updated: Sep 16

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Have you experienced bullying in the workplace ?

©The purpose of this survey is to increase our understanding of abusive behaviour(s) in the workplace and to alleviate the suffering of the target(s). It aims to examine organisational response to reports of workplace abuse and seeks to find if the organisational response is adequate to resolve and eradicate workplace bullying. The survey seeks to capture that workplace abuse is intentional, repetitive and strategic. The intent is to gain control and maintain a socially dominant position to exploit, disempower and annihilate the target (s). It’s a pattern of aggressive behaviour that is cumulative rather than separate acts of abuse.

The objective is to examine the psychological, emotional, harassment and violence the target(s) is subjected to; and to interpret this abusive pattern. Psychological abuse is a cycle of behaviour used by a perpetrator(s) that refers to the non-physical aspects of abuse. This includes psychological, emotional, mental or financial abuse. Intentional abuse affects the presence of an employee(s) by harming their health and wellbeing ; their sense of freedom, autonomy, trust and safety in the workplace. It affects career progression, financial status, advancement, promotions and opportunities . This study argues for an in-depth investigation into the psychological motivations of perpetrators of abuse, harassment and violence in the workplace and to find if the systematic structures in place are adequate and sufficient to address this abuse. Healthy workplace dynamics promote team cohesion, team cognition and manages team conflicts with a zero tolerance of inappropriate behaviour. It focuses on promoting a healthy relationship between the system, leadership and employees. It promotes and provides a safe workplace that is collaborative, co-creative with a clear transparent feedback growth system. Psychological abuse is a form of oppression and a systematic mistreatment of a group of people in the workplace (targets) enforced by perpetrators and organisations that fail to eradicate it through a network of everyday practices , behaviours and attitudes.

We welcome all feedback

Results will be published 16th October 2023.

Survey Co Created by Linda Crockett (Canada) and Judy Carmody (Ireland)

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