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Mentor, Speaker, Trainer

I am a facilitator of learning, an Author and I specialise in Bullying Prevention. I develop and deliver Life Skills programmes. I encourage an Ethos of Personal Safety. My Resilience Toolkit for Educational Mindset Transformation promotes skills to express Safety and Well Being. 

Everybody has the right to have success in life and to fulfil their life’s purpose and passion. People skills are vital to personal safety and to enable you to have the freedom to live a life without fear. Develop life skills to enhance your experiences and embrace your dreams. Learn to develop highly effective communication skills and enrich your behavioural, emotional, relationship intelligence. Develop personal awareness to improve your ability to engage with people more effectively without losing your Best Self.

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   My programme Best Self - Safe Self offers the following insights:

  • The encouragement to develop highly effective communication skills to SELF-EMPOWER and engage with people without losing your Best Self.

  • The self-awareness to develop Life Skills and change the MINDSET of tolerating bullying behaviour.

  • The understanding, to process what actually happens during an episode(s) of bullying behaviour.

  • The vocabulary skills to express the trauma experienced and the ability to articulate this trauma to a Health Care Provider.

  • The Role of Conscious Leadership


Group Sessions /

One to One Sessions

Poster Presentation


I have a carefully selected selection of posters based on research information and my work in the form of a poster that participants may view and discuss. 

Visual participation

Open Discussion

Thought provoking - shared resource

Audience interaction




One of my greatest rewards is supporting those who have experienced or are experiencing bullying behaviour. I encourage the co-bully(s) or target(s) to take that first step and start their journey of self-love and self-protection.  My mission is to reach those who are entangled in aggressive, manipulative and demeaning environments, give them the POWER OF CHOICE and the knowledge that they don’t have to tolerate anybody else’s dysfunctional behaviour.  My Life Skill’s education programme encourages the target(s) to develop their Best Self - Safe Self.



Bespoke Programmes

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Step up to YOU and for YOU

Build the confidence and capabilities to be your Best Self and communicate more effectively on this highly practical programme. In this behaviour awareness programme, you’ll gain a practical understanding of what shapes the way you communicate and how you act, react and interact with others. You’ll benefit from the insights and outstanding teaching methods. They will equip you with a better understanding of human behaviour with skills and experience to apply your knowledge in real-life situations. The programme integrates relationship and behavioural perspectives on understanding the dynamics of human behaviour.  The programme of workshops, interplay between theory development and practical participation. 

Judith Carmody with Prof. James O'Higgin
Life Skills - Self Care

I am honoured, Dr. Tony Humphreys Ireland’s Top Clinical Psychologist, refers my books as reading material in his lectures Relationship Mentoring HDip, NFQ Level 8 AWARD – UCC

  Co-Bully NO MORE  is a (w)holistic research from questioning what is a bully?, who is the target? and how can I change and not get entangled in someone else’s unhealthy behavior.  I questioned this pattern of behavior and the importance of personal development.  In Unwrap the Gift of YOU, it supports a target to recover, reclaim and reinstate self, following episodes of bullying behavior.  It also examines the role of not only academic intelligence but also the equal importance of emotional, spiritual, social and relationship intelligence.


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