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Intelligence in the World of Work

Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and utilise knowledge.


I trust this chapter will provide information, understanding, enlightenment and above all support in your coerced circumstances.  You can begin by knowing another person’s aggressive, manipulative and demeaning behaviour is nothing to do with you.  You did not cause their abusive behaviour. Begin to develop self, know your employment rights and have a copy of your contract at hand. 

It is rewarding and uplifting to work in a company that not only focuses on profit but regards its employee’s wellbeing as a fundamental right. It provides training both for managers and employees.  It has an education programme for bullies, targets and bystanders.  It appoints qualified and designated resolution officer(s) who investigate and resolve any reported incidents of bullying behaviour.  A company that trains and encourages Upstander(s) and train their Leaders to respect the dignity of each employee.


Culture of Safety & Wellness in the Workplace

A Company’s declaration with clear intention that workplace bullying is not tolerated and those who partake in it, will be addressed immediately.  Core Values include a code of conduct which exhibits high human consciousness of personal care standards.

This message is pre-emptive and sets out to managers and other employees what is expected of them and how to align to the company’s existing upstanding profile. The company’s investment in human care standards, core values and the consciousness of human behaviour intelligence.  A reputation that protects employees while still excel at being a global business leader.


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