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The aim of this book is to introduce the term “co-bully,” or "target" and to give a voice, skills, and support to those who are experiencing or have experienced bullying behavior.


I want to define the role of a co-bully(s) and explain why they may have a high tolerance of inappropriate behavior. This book creates an awareness of self and the importance of personal development. It promotes the importance of vocabulary skills to express personal safety and boundaries. 


It also encourages the co-bully to develop the ability to articulate and stop tolerating relationship abuse as the “norm”. This book examines relationship dynamics and explains what actually happens to a target during an episode(s) of bullying behavior.  This book asks the reader to question their own communication pattern, whether it is assertive, direct, indirect, or aggressive.


Co-Bully No More provides insights into how you can break free from a pattern of control, manipulation, entanglement and surviving in fear.


I hope this book will enable people who are entangled in dysfunctional environments, that they have a choice to be or remove themselves from debilitating and dangerous relationships.


It may also help a bully to understand how their inappropriate behaviour adversely affects another person’s well-being.  They may also self-examine and seek to change their role in a relationship.


This book gives a clear message to the co-bully, that only they can change their passive role.  They need to be clearly AWARE WHEN THERE IS A DANGER OR THREAT TO THEIR WELL-BEING and self-protect rather than trying to appease the aggressor or manipulator.


How you act, interact and react with people determines whether you flourish with supportive healthy people or struggle to survive in relationships that are unsafe, controlling, neglectful or abusive. A safe relationship is love, care and protection and any relationship that is unsafe and full of fear should not be tolerated.


 I want to share my journey with you so that you know you are not alone, and that there are others who have been in your place. With self-awareness, you will gain the tools to confront, self-care or exit dysfunctional relationships.


You can choose to live a life of love without fear.


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