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Survey on Interplay of the terms Bullying, Psychological Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Coercive and Controlling Behaviours

Updated: May 31

This survey is part of a research dissertation for a Master of Arts in Leadership in Workplace Health and Wellbeing.

Workplace bullying is an organisational issue and one which can cause and have serious detrimental effects on an employee's mental and psychological health.

"I have experienced HURT, HARM & HATRED in workplaces where initially I was led to believe I was psychologically safe and respected as a human being".

Judith Carmody Author Co Bully No More

Bullying is a complex issue and can range from "incivility" to "coercion" and "entrapment" in a "Workplace Cycle of Abuse".

A campaign of terror is intentional, repetitive and strategic against an unsuspecting target(s). And the most devastating experience is the organisation's lack of ownership, the total NEGLECT, ABANDONMENT and "hung out to dry" by a toxic organisation.

The laissez-faire management's attitude "I'm alright Jack" while abandoning the target(s) to survive on their own in a psychological dangerous warzone created by the organisation's lack of Ethical Leadership.

Safeguarding Employees at Risk of Psychological Abuse,  Bullying, Coercive & Control behavior in the Workplace; Understanding Non-Physical Violence in the Workplace.

I am researching the parallels between bullying, psychological violence, coercive & controlling behaviours in workplace and in domestic settings to increase our understanding of non-physical abuse and the organisational response to safeguard the target(s). 

This survey is totally confidential and is conducted to explore the understanding of the links between bullying-psychological violence-coercive & controlling behaviours that may exist in the workplace.

This survey is part of a research dissertation for a Master of Arts in Leadership in Workplace Health and Wellbeing.

Content Warning: Please be advised, the below survey might mention trauma-related topics that include abuse, which could be triggering to the reader.  Please contact your Health Care Provider.

 If you feel that the issues have impacted you in any way, please contact the researcher at or the project supervisor at who will be able to provide a referral to the appropriate service

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