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A bully(s) uses predatory abusive behaviour

Updated: Jan 15

©A bully(s) uses predatory abusive behaviour including excessive monitoring, psychological harassment, aggression and violence in the workplace. Develop life empowering self-awareness to recognise inappropriate behaviour at the onset and prevent the abusive behaviour from proceeding any further. A predator looks to other people in order to use, control or harm them in some way. Some want to ruthlessly exploit others for gain, while there are others who want to inflict severe trauma, pain and hardship on their targets.

"A person or group that robs, victimizes, or exploits others for gain". American Heritage (2016) Dictionary of the English Language.

Simon (2011) states predators, "They are just disturbingly different and unfathomably dangerous", he also writes that "it’s extremely painful (and therefor prompts “denial”) to think that there really are heartless, conniving predators out there who are very different on every level from most of us".

Assert your RIGHT to Safety in the workplace !

Reference :

American Heritage, (2016) Dictionary of the English Language,

Fifth Edition, by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

Dr George Simon, PhD. (2011) Articles at Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life, Prophet or Predator?

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