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Why do organisations, governments FAIL to address and eradicate Workplace Bullying?

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

IRELAND 's - Workplace Bullying International Specialist Event October 18th 2023 4pm Irish Standard Time - Hosted by Ireland ⬅️⬅️⬅️ Please register for your FREE on-line event

Thanks to Linda Crockett for inviting countries globally to be part of a global SOLUTION

The Problem! -Psychological Abuse in the Workplace

©Why do organizations and governments continuously FAIL to address and eradicate Workplace Psychological Abuse, Harassment & Violence. Each year employees face abuse, injury, harm and chronic trauma in the workplace but organizations turn a blind eye and often engage in re abusing the target of workplace abuse!

Be Part of the Solution!

Protection : Leadership Culture of Safety & Wellbeing - Education and Training. Clear definition of Psychological Workplace Abuse, Harassment & Violence. Immediate Protection for the Target - a place of Trust and Safety.

Prevention : Zero tolerance of unsafe behavior's. Promotion of psychological safety. Eradicate psychological abuse, harassment & violence.

Process : Psychological Risk Assessments. Open and Transparent recorded reports. (Shared Organizational/Government statistics). Trauma informed training” Linda Crockett

Policies, Procedures & Guidelines : Visible Solution. Pro active intervention that immediately addresses, responds & resolves workplace abuse.

Practice : Legal Action for offenders who participate in workplace injury, harm, trauma, damage, abuse, harassment & violence . Not rewarded and promoted. A clear PRACTICE of a Right to Safety.

Please join our Workplace Bullying Awareness - Ireland Event 18th October at 4pm Irish Standard Time and meet global specialists who are passionate and dedicated solution trailblazers.

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