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©Psychological Trauma in the Workplace – Personal Injury

Updated: Mar 23

Workplaces 2021 must ensure that psychological risks and hazards in the workplace are managed professionally ensuring correct procedures and practice of reporting, recording, resolving and managing “bullying” are in place. Bullying incidents are taken seriously and recognised as a serious risk to health & safety and addressed as psychological injury incident(s).

Psychological risks managed the same as physical risks and acknowledged as dangerous, unsafe and that they cause long term human harm and disability. Personal injury/harm results in long-term illness and loss of career, finance and well-being.

Trauma causes severe distress to a target. Trauma is the response to a perceived danger which we inherently know will harm or kill us. It is a human response to imminent danger.

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Evan Stark

Thank you Evan Stark for shining a light on such a pervasive and underhand tactic i.e. #coercivecontrol


Thank you Judy for writing about the trauma that is happening in the workplace. The well-being of people is such an important issue and for too long.

Judith Carmody
Judith Carmody
Jan 25, 2023
Replying to

Jon I agree! We need to create awareness of wellness at work ! Thanks Judy

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