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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Do you have a Leader in your workplace who ignites passion or do you have a "Bleeder" who sucks the Good Life out of the Workplace.

(C) Conscious Leadership exudes positive energy that is contagious, approachable and all embracing. Leaders create a positive atmosphere inspiring a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Leaders instil positivity in a safe place which inspires co-creation and promotes talent growth. A place that offers empathic guidance and support. There is a culture of wellbeing rather than a culture of coercion and fear. A conscious leader has the awareness to see the whole spectrum of consciousness in him/herself. A state of calmness exists instead of a state of calamity, unpredictability and chaos. True leaders make healthy choices without infringing the safety of employees. True Leaders don't inflict abuse on other people. He/she can identify the level of awareness or consciousness of a person they may come into contact with, and they respect that level of awareness. A conscious leader is full of wisdom, compassion and encourages everyone to be avail of opportunities and reach their full potential.

The Unconscious EGO - Leader has an obsession to Control and oppress others.

An unconscious leader is a self-appointed ego who has not self-examined or undertaken personal development. He/she is a Psychological Risk in the Workplace. They are disconnected from their authentic self and their purpose in life. They feed off others. Usually, ruled by a super ego which is detached from reality and is enmeshed in fighting for something that he/she isn’t consciously aware of. The unconscious ego has an obsession to control and oppress others. He/she finds it a threat when they cannot exert their coercive control. They like to have autonomy over their subjects. They react to chaos and they flourish in an environment where they rule the roost. They are unpredictable, unreliable and untrustworthy. Everybody is walking on eggshells. They inflict their dysfunctional EGO on anyone that comes into contact with them. Unfortunately, some egos are even in more darkness than others. Bitterness and hatred seep through the veins of companies, poisoning vision, safety and human prosperity. It is a place imprisoned by fear, ignorance and battle

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