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©Workplace Bullying Awareness Week 16th - 22nd October 2022

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

It's almost here! Global Workplace Bullying Awareness Week 16th October -22nd October 2022. It started in USA with Gary Namie, PhD and then Linda Crockett, Canada. Linda invited other countries including Ireland. Judith Carmody CPA representing Ireland joined this POWERFUL global event in 2019 with one mission to create PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFE WORKPLACES. Our purpose is to create awareness that an employee can no longer be at psychological risk, danger, at work. Organisations must ensure the rights of the employee in the workplace. The message is simple only PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFE WORKPLACES will be tolerated but this is only the beginning of a global movement. Let’s start this week together and show support and unity. ONE VOICE

Ireland 4th year joining Workplace Bullying Awareness Week 2022.

HSA - The following is Ireland 's protection for an employee who is experiencing bullying in the workplace.

Gathering evidence

Once you have formed the opinion that you are being bullied, keep copies of any relevant materials (notes, emails etc)

Then seek out your organisation’s Anti Bullying Policy and follow its guidelines.

  1. Report the matter to someone in a HR or management position or to a Contact Person, if these exist within your workplace.

  2. The matter should be dealt with as early as possible so hostilities don’t grow, and preferably at first it should be dealt with informally, with the aim or resolving and stopping the activities, and moving on.

  3. If this is not successful, mediation may be required. While both parties must agree in order for any mediation to be successful, it is a very important step and should not be dismissed out of hand. Skilled professional mediation should be used.

  4. Finally, if other attempts to satisfy the situation fail, a formal investigation of the facts may be required. Guidance for investigations can be found in our Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work 2021

WRC/HSA Joint Code of Practice on the Prevention and resolution of Bullying at Work 2021 – Main additions:

  • Increased focus on the initial employer classification of a complaint: whether it is a general conflict, as case of alleged bullying, a case of alleged harassment, or some other workplace issue wrongly labelled.

  • Increased direction and advice on informal resolution of complaints of bullying within the work area.

  • Reiteration of sanction for maliciously or carelessly making a bullying complaint.

  • Clarity on the roles of both agencies and where they overlap and diverge.

  • Clarity on the legal finding of Irish courts to ensure proper assessment of bullying complaints.

  • Clarity from recent Irish court rulings on bullying investigations and the rights of various parties, including employer role.

  • Clarification on follow-on processes for formal investigation of bullying cases.

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