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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

(C) Stalking, Excessive Monitoring, Violation of Boundaries

One of the most disturbing tactics of psychological violence and harassment in the workplace is the excessive monitoring, stalking, micromanaging or the scrutiny of the target(s)'s every move in the workplace . Bully(s) "watch you like a hawk" whether it is excessive monitoring, stalking, spying, snooping, prying, following, intruding, tracking, hoovering, watching, focusing. They use predatory behaviours similar to hunting, preying, grooming, trapping, hounding to find out personal information, know your resources, know your talents so they can defraud, use, abuse, copy, steal, exploit to benefit themselves. They plot , plunder. pillage, leech , siver, any resources they feel is theirs for the taking. They are similar to parasites feeding off of other people's lives, as they are talentless, greedy, jealous and they don't have a life of their own or the greed to consummate other peoples life's valuables is unsatable. They need to feed off other peoples resources to feel adequate. They zone in on the talented, intelligent and successful people to take what they have created! When a bully feels threatened by someone else's goodness and success Its like a red flag to a bull. All hell could break loose ! When a bully is fuelled with ammunition like envy they will attack with fully loaded accusations and project their inner emotional state which is full of hatred , void of empathy and lack self esteem! They will do everything to sabotage, trick and destroy a target(s)! A smear campaign and character assignation will be their objective full with intense bitterness. Their mindset is; you caused their inadequacies and you are their enemy ! It's all your fault. The blame and shame game. An atmosphere of fear and intimidation. This is a very dangerous place for the target to find themselves . Become self aware of the profoundness of the bully(s) underhand activities and the impact of this negativity as it will have a deadly effect on your health and well-being.

A predator of psychological violence will intentionally inflict such horrendous harm and injury that it is beyond the understanding of a reasonable non violent person. The intent to harm is cold , calculated and cruel and borders on the edge of evil.

The bully is an expert deceiver with an intense obsession for self grandiosity and promote their delusional sense of self . They ravage what they can with such force to fill their dark feelings of lack and void.

This is at the expense of the host they set up to feed off. They project anger and bitterness using the personal details they have coerced coveted in order to gaslight and disempower. They criticise and find fault in all you do and say. They project their own inadequacies and accuse the target of the very things that they are guilty of themselves. They smash boundaries, dictate, steal and exploit personal details as if they have a right to own them. It is none of their actual business ! Its your business. Protect your business and your belongings. They feel they have a right to attack you about your words or actions . It's none of their business. It's at this time they cross boundaries , break boundaries, invade boundaries, dismantle boundaries and trample on boundaries . The campaign of terror is in place. They use coercive control to control your movement and restrict areas you can go or limit people that you come into contact with. They limit your relationships sometimes by restricting movement and controlling you. They limit your career by inflicting abusive chaos to distract your progression and opportunities. They limit your personal development by sabotaging you, your space and your abilities. Punishment is freely and adequately inflicted if they feel you are moving out of their control. A threat of overt or covert violence to ensure you don't break free of their entrapment, coercion , dominance and oppression . But other times by gossiping , bad mouthing or ostracising you. They gaslight you to shake and take your very essence , your feeling of safety and your sanity . You will never have a life of peace and love with a perpetrator(s) of abuse. They will badger, hound, humiliate and try every low trick in the book to destroy you and your achievements, talents, reputation and social standing . Dr. Gabor Mate states intergenerational trauma will impact your life until it is resolved. A target usually finds themselves at the brunt end of this unhealed trauma; the group will vilify the target(s) rather than heal the source of the trauma. The group of unhealed people will always group together and inflict group violence and annihilate the target(s). This is called mobbing or group violence.

Coercive controllers climb the ladder on the back of those they prey. Watching, waiting, prowling, plotting, sneaking , preparing to pounce, grab, ramsack, rob, strip, despoil, ravage or degrade you and your possessions without warning but with enough brutal force to devastate you. They plot, scheme, sabotage and plan to take you down, let you down and break you down. A bully (s) intention is to destroy or exploit your career, reputation and relationships. A bully's intention is pre-meditated and strategic. There is a plan in place ! There is a target therefore there is a perpetrator(s) and a plan of deceitful harmful action. Power mongering. Perpetrators of psychological violence set out with intention to steal or destroy the very things you love and what is important to you. They will manipulate every situation to set you up to fail and watch and gloat as you fall prey to their trap of horror. A perpetrator will knock you to the ground , floor you and will kick you when you are down. Their behaviour floors you ; it is beyond a targets comprehension to understand this brutal behaviour! How can someone behave so appalingly? And it is usually someone with whom you have been kind and respectful to. If the initial campaign of terror doesn't give them what they want , they will up the tactics and put more coercive pressure on the target ! If there is nothing else they can take, they will then seek to harm or destroy the target(s) character through character assassination - psychological violence and harassment which leads to abuse whether emotionally, socially, psychological, morally or financially. They will literally violate, steal or copy your work. A big part of this abuse is to do with money ! The greed for money and the obsession to be "someone" "some ego" at the expense of any one who falls prey to them . Financial abuse is usually a driver in abusive behaviour.

1 To take. grab or exploit what you have or own and

2 an abuser wants to discredit you in every way possible so, by you being in poverty makes the bully feel better about themselves. And basically when you are in poverty you have very little power. So by forcing you into poverty they have also made you powerless and at the bottom of the ladder of success. They want all the power and control. Their jealousies, envy eats them up and their feelings of inadequacy drives them to commit appalling crimes of human torture .

Bully (s) have no concept of boundaries and will intrude , trespass and violate another persons space and identity. Perpetrators of abuse rarely question their behaviour and the adverse consequences of their behaviour. There is always a fear or threat of violence with repeated unwanted behaviour that is malicious, frightening and distressing.

This is a violation of your Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Dignity in the Workplace.

1. What is stalking? Stalking | Stalking in Ireland

Stalking is a pattern of fixated, obsessive, unwanted and repeated behaviour that causes you to feel distressed or scared. Stalking can happen with or without a fear of violence. Stalking can be perpetrated by anyone. There are a number of behaviours which may constitute stalking. Sometimes, stalking is confused with harassment - but they are significantly different. Many elements of harassment may amount to stalking if they are fixated, obsessive, unwanted and repeated. If you or someone you love is in danger, call 999 or 112.

2. What are the signs of stalking?

Stalking behaviours can typically be broken up into the following categories: unwanted behaviours, threats and abuse, malicious communications and reputational damage. Stalking behaviour tends to be F.O.U.R - fixated, obsessive, unwanted and repeated. If you are experiencing one or more of the following behaviours, you may be a victim of stalking. Remember - stalking happens with and without the fear of violence. If you are concerned for your safety, we advise you to call 999 or 112. Unwanted behaviours

  • Loitering around your home

  • Spying or tracking your movements (online, using technology or in person)

  • Following

  • Making unwanted approaches to you (at home, work, in public)

  • Making unwanted approaches to friends, family or colleagues

  • Interfering with or damaging your property, breaking into your home

Threats or abuse

  • Threats to harm you or those close to you

  • Threats to harm themselves around you

  • Physical attacks or attempted physical attacks

  • Sexual violence or attempted sexual violence

Malicious communication

  • Sending inappropriate letters, faxes, texts, WhatsApps, emails or social media messages

  • Making inappropriate or malicious telephone calls to you

  • Sending unwanted gifts

Reputational damage

  • Distributing malicious material about you (e.g. flyers, web-sites, posters, newspaper ads)

  • Engaging in inappropriate or malicious social media contacts (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

  • Initiating false legal action against you

  • Making false complaints to agencies

  • Taking pictures/recordings of you without your consent

  • Sharing private images of you that are of a very personal nature (e.g. nude images, sexual images)

If you think that you are being stalked, you can take our stalking assessment - 'Am I being stalked?' which will provide you with more information. In an emergency please call 999 or 112. ​Is stalking a crime in Ireland ?

New system of court orders to restrain stalking behaviour and protect victims as part of new Bill from Minister McEntee From Department of Justice Published on 4 August 2022 Last updated on 5 September 2022

Courts will be able to issue civil restraining orders against stalkers as part of a new Bill from the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee. These orders do not require a criminal prosecution and are easier for victims to obtain. Minister McEntee has secured government approval for the Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2022. The Bill will now be brought before the Oireachtas and is expected to become law in the Autumn. The wide-ranging Bill will also increase the maximum sentence for assault causing harm from five years to 10 years, allow life sentences for conspiracy to murder, make stalking and non-fatal strangulation standalone offences, and expand the existing harassment offence.

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