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Right to Safety in the Workplace

Intelligence in the World of Work

So, how can you prove that you are being diminished and bullied in the workplace?

You are caught in a very dangerous vulnerable position. Someone is manipulating the situation to suit and better themselves. A coercive atmosphere and controlling behaviors are now in place. Coercive or controlling offences can be classed as similar to those experienced in domestic abuse and violence. They are debilitating, underhand and dangerous.

Coercive control is defined as ongoing psychological behavior, rather than isolated or unconnected incidents, with the purpose of removing a victim's freedom. Sophie Goddard

Unreasonable demands

Underhand and manipulative behavior

Negative focus on the target


Restricting daily activities

Threats or intimidation

Monitoring of time

Watching and restricting movement

Controlling abusive behavior

Taking personal items or entitlements

Demeaning the target’s character

Gossiping about the target

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