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Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Pioneering companies lead the way proclaiming the human right to safe workplaces and inspire healthy workplace cultures. Authentic leaders exhibit high awareness of the importance of psychological safety. Organisations are consciously aware, actively respond and protect the most talented employees who may fall under the savage hand of perpetrators of psychological violence.

Organisations, Occupational Health & HR must now look at how they promote someone to a management position, and whether they may be a psychological risk to employee safety & wellbeing HR is now including psychological safety as a requirement for promotion to management (Dr Timothy Clark).

It is time ethical and enlightened leaders transform structural, institutional and systematic unjust abusive workplaces and end the inherited repeated patterns of immoral behavior. “Supremacy is a dangerous notion; redefine what it is to be a human being”. (Larry Ward 2020). Organisations need to uphold the human in humanity and put an end to workplace psychological traumatic violence, grief, unsafe practices & protect targets of abuse who have a legal right to Psychological Safety at Work.

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