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(C) Excellent Qualified Resources : Workplace Bullying - Psychological Harassment and Violence

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Its a month almost to the day that Ireland participated in Workplace Bullying Awareness Week with a panel of international authors, speakers and specialists in workplace bullying - psychological, harassment and violence.

It is so encouraging and enlightening to meet people who want to speak, support and offer qualified solutions to workplace bullying. Bullying is pernicious, destructive and in many cases fatal. It ruins health, lives, careers and impacts the ability to have a sense of autonomy in the workplace. Its difficult to imagine or believe that a person(s) in the workplace could cruelly undermine your Right to Safety. Targets are subject to a repetitive, intentional and strategic destructive attack and campaign of terror which is often invalidated by the organisation who has a duty of care to protect all employees; this invalidation retraumatises the target(s). One of the hallmarks of workplace abuse is the silence that allows the perpetrators/predators to continue their lethal line of abuse and target employees in the workplace, safe in the knowledge that the organisation will victim-blame and prevent the target(s) from speaking out while rewarding and promoting the bully(s). The following resources are the best relevant research evidence and are also based on the authors' values and experiences.

Please find author bios and links to information shared in the chat. Please also note when we link to

a book on Amazon, we are not promoting Amazon. Many prefer to support local bookshops; the link

is just to provide an image and title and publisher of book.

Professor Patricia Mannix McNamara (facilitator)

Professor Patricia Mannix McNamara is Head of School and Professor of Education at UL. She is an

academic, author, podcaster. She is committed to promoting positive work cultures through

research and policy development.



Dr. Nimah Hickey (facilitator)

Dr. Nimah Hickey is a University Teacher in Educational Leadership, and she teaches and researches

on leadership and in education. She is a successful podcaster and co-hosts the international podcast

Leadership Unwrapped.



Dr. Tony Humphreys

Dr. Tony Humphreys is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Author and National and

International Speaker. Tony began his career as a Clinical Psychologist in State Psychiatric

and Psychological Services in England and Ireland and since 1990 has been working in

private practice in Ireland. He works with individuals, couples, families, schools, local

communities and the business community. He has authored a wide range of books including

Creating Psychological Safety, which he will chat a little bit about today.




Book: Creating Psychological Safety: Humphreys, Dr Tony: 9781784529185: Books

Linda Crockett

Linda Crockett is the founder of an award-winning resource serving all Canadian employers

and employees since 2011. She has been a pioneer, activist, advocate, and trail blazer in

Canada, and today she is known as an international expert on the topic of workplace

psychological harassment. Linda is a trauma therapist specializing in addressing the human

experience of workplace harassment.


Podcast Interview:


Judy Carmody

Judy Carmody is a facilitator of learning, an author and a specialist in bullying prevention and intervention.

She develops and delivers Life Skills programmes which are based on her books and

encourage an Ethos of Personal Safety creating awareness of Intrapersonal, Interpersonal Safety and Wellbeing.

Judy is a recipient of the Books for Peace Award

2023 for her book Co-Bully No More.




Maryann Kerr

Maryann Kerr is CEO and principal consultant with the Medalist Group. Maryann is a

governance, leadership and culture specialist and has worked in the social profit sector for

34 years and helped raise over $110M. She has led at the local, provincial, national, and

international level and is passionate about her family, feminism, and continuous learning.

She is author of Tarnished: Let’s rethink, reimagine and co-create a new social impact sector.




Dr. Jennifer Fraser

As an award-winning educator and innovative strategist, Dr. Fraser’s evidence-based

approach, grounded in brain science, informs, and protects leadership. Her intervention and

training prevent public crisis and proactively establish a healthy, happy, high-performing

environment. An environment that replaces bullying with equity, diversity, and inclusion. Having

experienced the broken system first-hand, Jennifer has developed a new framework for bringing

organizations into the 21st century with science-informed practices. Jennifer authored the book The

Bullied Brain: Heal your Scars and Restore your Health.



Thays Cristina

Thays Cristina completed her high school education in the USA and pursued a year of a

Bachelor's degree in Physics before graduating in Computer Science from ITA (Instituto

Tecnológico de Aeronáutica) in Brazil. She began her career as management trainee at

Citibank, followed by ING Bank and BankBoston. She then obtained an MBA from INSEAD in

France and subsequently worked at the World Bank and the International Finance

Corporation (IFC) in Washington D.C. She is the author of Snakes in Skirts: Surviving the

Female Psychopath.




Dr. Jerry Carbo

Dr. Jerry Carbo is a Professor of Management at the Grove College of Business at

Shippensburg University. He teaches courses in Employment Law, Labor Relations, Business

and Society, HRM and Organizational Behaviour. Dr. Carbo’s research includes workplace

bullying and harassment, employee rights, socially sustainable business systems and union

reform and revitalization. He authored the book Understanding, Defining and Eliminating

Workplace Bullying: Assuring Dignity at Work.






Dr. Gloria A.Chance

Dr. Gloria Chance is a dynamic and innovate leader who believes in the "Spirit of Creativity"

as an everyday tool to enhance work environments and increase individual and team

performance. A creativity expert with advanced experience in leading and developing teams

to successfully deliver complex digital, organizational and people transformation and change

initiatives. Fascinated by how the imagination works, Gloria has developed many techniques

that help leaders and individuals expand, enhance and unleash a long-lost innate skill of the

human---the imagination. Gloria is the author of The Professional Woman: Leadership,

Courage and Confidence.




Dr. Jeff Riggenbach

Dr. Jeff Riggenbach is a 3 time best-selling author and speaker/trainer/coach with the John

Maxwell Team who has trained audiences in all 50 United States, The UK, Canada, Mexico,

Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. He has devoted the past 20 years to developing

advanced expertise in thinking and personality styles. Jeff is leader in the

personal/professional development space and provides keynote addresses, live in-house

workshops, and webinar-based online courses for corporate, clinical, educational, and faith-

based audiences worldwide. Jeff authored the book Disarming High-Conflict Personalities.

Book: Disarming High-Conflict Personalities: Dealing with the Eight Most Difficult People in Your Life

Before They Burn You Out: Riggenbach, Jeff: 9798430307233: Books


Dr. Leah P. Hollis

Dr. Leah P. Hollis is associate dean for access, equity, and inclusion in the Penn State College

of Education, national and international expert on workplace bullying. Leah has an extensive

career in higher education administration where she has held senior leadership and faculty

posts. She has taught at Northeastern University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology,

and Rutgers University. Dr. Hollis is the author of Human Resource Perspectives on

Workplace Bullying in Higher Education: Understanding Vulnerable Employees’ Experiences.




Dr Dorothy Suskind

Dorothy Suskind is a writer, researcher, and an Assistant Professor in the Education and

Counseling Department at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. At Longwood, she

directs the Southside Virginia Writing Project, part of the National Writing Project and

teaches a variety of classes in literacy and a capstone course entitled Women as Disruptive

Change Agents in Their Community. Before coming to Longwood, she served as a Middle

School Principal, Action Research Coach for The Center for the Study of Boys, Assistant

Professor at the University of Mary Washington, and has taught multiple grades across the

JK-12 spectrum in both public and independent schools. She is the author of Workplace

Bullying: Finding your Way to Big-Tent Belonging.




Dawn Marie Westmoreland

Dawn Marie Westmoreland is a speaker, writer, and certified professional coach. She

believes that employees and employers should be empowered to have respectful and safe

work environments. Dawn is a highly skilled HR Manager consultant with over 30 years of

experience and she provides a “How To” system to reduce workplace bullying and

discrimination. Dawn is the author of the book Stand up to Workplace Bullying and




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