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The Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls Conference 2023 - Co Kerry, Ireland

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Kerry Women's Centre leads the way in creating a safe Ireland for Women and Children.

Delightedly to be invited to the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls Conference 2023 by Kerry's Women Centre organised as part of the UN 16 days of action against violence against women.

Thanks to all the wonderful speakers including : Marian Relihan, Kerry Women's Centre , Mary McDermott Safe Ireland , Catherine Casey Adapt Kerry Womens Refuge, Niamh Corkery An Garda Síochána , Dr. Rosaleen McDonagh, Mary Sheehy, Bec Fahy and Rita Crean and Pauline Russell, who provided a wonderfully calming start to the day and our wonderful team of centre volunteers, who worked so hard to make this conference a success.

Newkd funded the event, the drummers and dancers, Morgan the harpist and the artists from the Women's art group who displayed pieces from their 'Inspiring Women' project and the groups and organisations who brought along information and craft displays.

I met with Catherine Casey, Adapt Kerry Women's Refuge on the 23rd of November.

Catherine told me about the great services and support that Adapt Kerry Women's Refuge provide. AKWR offer trauma informed care for victims of domestic abuse. AKWR support women to find their voice and create a safe place for them when they are in fear for their lives. Flawed responses victim blame and support and collude with the perpetrator(s). To combat domestic violence the governments must put systems in place that support victims so when they disclose that they are being abused, all agencies must believe and support them. As Catherine says "Create pathways to freedom not obstacles". Women are getting stuck in refuge accommodation because when they want to exit violent relationships, the systems e.g. the court systems, legal aid create obstacles rather than freeing the victims from perpetrators of abuse and violence. Coercive Control is a crime in Ireland since January 2019.

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