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©Bullying is the ultimate Betrayal Trauma.

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Betrayal trauma occurs when the people or institutions on which a person depends for survival significantly violate that person' s trust or well-being.

Jennifer J Freyd PhD(2008)

Bullying is the ultimate Betrayal. ©

“Nothing could have prepared me for the adversity I was forced to experience in the “workplace” by underhanded, corrupt, collusive and immoral “mob”, “gang”, “group” that traumatized and exposed me to the lowest depth of human behaviour that I had ever witnessed. I was exposed to many forms of inappropriate behaviour such as deception, maliciousness, scheming, cruelty, jealousy, theft, psychological violence and betrayal to name but a few. This depraved behaviour was beyond my ability to comprehend or understand as workplace human behaviour”.” I was unprepared for this culture and practice of acceptable “toxicity” and the daily threat of workplace gang psychological violence. The common active intention was to harm, injure and inflict loss on the target in the workplace.

To add to the betrayal of inappropriate “in house” culture, the perpetrators of psychological harassment and violence are usually rewarded and promoted by an equally malignant organisation. In many experiences of bullying there is more than one betrayal, there are multiple betrayals and human failures in a toxic workplace culture. It is a company without a heart or soul. It is an abyss of iniquity lacking wisdom, honesty, support, safety, compassion, peace, creativity, ethics and nature.

Bullies - perpetrators of workplace abuse use honesty and violate that intimacy which is an intimacy violation that is a devastating and soul destroying experience. Violation of Trust results in Betrayal Trauma.

It’s Workplace Bullying Awareness Week, let’s open up the conversation that Workplace Bullying is the lowest form of workplace behaviour and we as professionals, will not engage, partake or condone in unprofessional, unethical and barbaric behaviour. Stop the Violence of Silence and promote SAFE workplaces. Everybody has a right to HEALTH & SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE.

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