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Books for Peace International Award 2023

Updated: Jan 10

Dear Judy

Winner of the BOOKS for PEACE International Prize 2023, welcome to the big BOOKS for PEACE family, I am happy for you, but above all I am happy and honored for all of us.   Thank you for your precious work in favor of Human Rights, for Peace, for Culture.   We will always be at your side.   God Bless You. Thank you for accepting the International Award BOOKS for PEACE 2023, I am, we are happy and honored to award you on the occasion of the 7th edition of the BOOKS for PEACE 2023 International Award.

Antonio Imeneo

CEO UNIFUNVIC EU (BFUCA UNESCOCLUBS BR), Delegato FISPES Lazio, CEO BOOKS for PEACE International Award, CEO International Research Center Sport Prevention, Peace and Sport Council of Afghanistan Italy. #unesco #unesco #unfpa #peace #self #emotional #awareness

Co Bully No More ©Cultivate Self Awareness : A Journey to Peace Within

Consciousness of one's role in a relationship is the stepping stone to healthier relationships. Intelligence is not merely academic intelligence but includes a consciousness of a w(holistic)human intelligence. A philosophy of Self Awareness, understanding our True Nature and Inner PEACE.

"Making the Unconscious Conscious" M. Scott Peck

Where you belong is a place of sacredness, self-acceptance, peace and safety. It is a place of self-dignity and self-value. You are the rightful holder of this place. It is the place where your body and soul exist together. It is your connection and nobody must be permitted to disconnect, distant, exclude or diminish you. Your home or place here on earth is your Divine Connection - Your Self is a Gift to be cared for. You hold the key to your own home. Develop an awareness to respect and love your Essence. Express to others – you will only engage with those who respect and love you.

Support to take ownership of life and flow in the rhythm of Destiny. The biggest key to creation is gratitude. It is the light of the soul finding a place to be visible from an invisible temple

It is the expression of the soul through the self.

Creation unfolds from thoughts, moves to words and is fulfilled in deeds. It manifests into reality. Life becomes self-creative. You live your life to create yourself as who you are and who you wish to be for the soul’s purpose of evolving. Create loving thoughts of your Presence.  

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