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Recognise the DANGER SIGNS of an unsafe relationship

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Co Bully No More & Unwrap the Gift of YOU examine the complexities of bullying behaviour and its devastating effect on the individual. These books offer insights into how to Reclaim, Recover and Reinstate – Self – following experiences of abusive behaviour. A (w)holistic consciousness, that humans are mindful of a loving self-relationship. These books highlight the human side of emotional abuse and the suffering attached.

A must read book, if you question the following:

• Why does a bully target me ?

• How can I self-care in challenging relationships?

• How can I recognise manipulation rather than getting entangled in it?

• How can I confront or exit aggressive and demeaning relationships?

• How can I detox from toxic relationships?

• How can I recognise the DANGER SIGNS in an unsafe relationship?

In these books, I ask the reader to understand the importance of personal development, of emotional, relationship, spiritual and social intelligence. Self-awareness comes before change. You can change your conditioned belief system if it isn’t serving you well. If you don’t know how to self-protect in aggressive or manipulative relationships, you can develop skills to self-care and

ASSERT YOUR RIGHT TO SAFETY. You can choose to live a life being conscious of your presence, understand and observe the dysfunctional emotional state of challenging relationships rather than getting entangled. One must engage in continuous personal development to enable you to act, interact and react in more healthy ways of communication.

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