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Survey on Workplace Psychological Violence, Harassment. (2023)

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

© Survey carried out on Linkedin on workplace psychological violence, harassment. Also a survey on workplace psychologically safety and wellbeing. (March 2023).

Dr. Andrew Thomas C. (2023) defines coercive control as an intentional, persistent, strategic pattern of behaviour leading to dominance, control, entrapment, psychological and physical harm, and subjugation. He also states that its purposeful patterns of behaviour are meant to control, exploit, entrap and annihilate if necessary. This behaviour is sadistic and cruel; purposeful and intentional and not carried out unconsciously. This abusive behaviour makes the perpetrator feel powerful and in control.

Psychological abuse, violence and harassment is a personal assault carried out by perpetrator(s) of abusive behaviour. It is a psychological aggressive, violent and a devious act to cause harm to the target(s).

Reference :

Dr. Andrew Thomas C. Ph.D., LCSW-R (2023).

In your opinion ! Is psychological violence and harassment in the workplace a crime of aggression ?

Yes 97%

No 0%

Don’t know 3%

In your opinion is workplace bullying strategic psychological violence and harassment ?

Yes 91%

No 5%

Don’t know ! 5%

In your opinion ! Is your workplace psychologically safe ?

Yes 42%

No 52%

Don’t know 6%

In your opinion ! Does psychological violence and harassment affect your health and well-being ? Yes 100%

No 0%

Don’t know 0%

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